Color Harmony in Rooms – How to Use Color Matching Systems to Choose a Color For the Home

When you go to a paint store to choose a color, you will often be presented with a color matching system to help you select a color. Most people feel totally overwhelmed by the abundance of possibilities, and feel fairly frustrated when trying to choose the appropriate color.

Understanding how a color matching system is compiled could help you to use if more effectively. There are actually only six colors which result in the approximately 1000 hues you find within a color system. These are yellow, orange, red, violet, blue and green. These colors are mixed with black and/or white which result in the tremendous diversity of hues.

Each major color has three distinct shades, from cool to warm. Blue, for example, has a warm violet blue shade, a pure sky blue and a cooler shade which is turquoise. There are also three major shades of primal red, these being a fiery orange red, a middle red, and a cooler red with a bluish tint. With yellow, there is a cool lemon yellow, a pure yellow and a warm sunflower yellow. The three shades of green are a warm spring green, pure green and cooler blue-green. Each of these hues develops many shades when mixed with black and/or white. However, the intensity of warmth or coolness will remain when they are mixed with black or white.

For example, a warm spring Inspiration för hemmet green will turn into a warm olive green; a cool red will turn into a cool wine red, a warm orange red will turn into a warm rusty red. This is important to consider when you are combining chromatic colors. A warm rusty red will look great with a warm orange red because it belongs to the same color family. The same orange red will, however, will not match easily with the cool wine red.

Before you actually try to choose a hue from a color matching system, it would be useful first to decide upon the color that suits your needs. You could get inspiration from studying home-decorating magazines. When you have decided upon the color, you can then use the color matching system to decide upon the exact shade of that particular color. This way, you will avoid the overwhelming sensation you experience when being confronted with the hundreds of hues contained in a color matching system.

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