Diet and Health – Pure Noni Juice

Since sickness, obesity, and disease are on the rise more people in the United States are paying closer attention to their diet and health. As a result many people have turned to Eastern diet health practices, such as drinking pure Noni juice to improve their vitality.

Although Noni juice was only commercialized in the West in 1995 people in the East have been using the Noni plant for centuries. And if people have been successful in using this plant for its diet and health benefits for hundreds of years don’t you think it could help you too?

The Health Benefits of Noni Juice

Prior to organic Noni juice being available in the west, other uses for the juice were quite well-known. For centuries, the Noni plant was used in Japan, China, Samoa, and Tahiti for medical uses such as:

* Fever
* Eye problems
* Skin problems
* Stomach pain
* Constipation
* Throat problems
* Gum problems
* Respiratory problems

One of the main health benefits of Noni juice is that it helps kost och hälsa your body regenerate cells, which is helpful in fighting cancer, arthritis, diabetes, high cholesterol, and virtually any other medical condition or disease. The leaves of the Noni plant can also be mashed or grounded and applied to a broken bone or a cut as a pain killer.

Where Does The Noni Juice I Buy Come From?

Most of the Noni that is sold in the U.S. comes by way of Polynesia and then is manufactured into juice here in the United States. Because this is an emerging health trend and there is always a lot of profit to be made from new fads, some people are taking advantage of consumers by offering Noni products that aren’t pure. For instance don’t take the Noni pills, capsules, energy bars etc., they are junk.

Make sure that the Noni juice you buy is 100% pure organic Noni juice. A lot of manufacturers try to mix in blueberries, apples and other fruits to save money, but this dilutes the strength of the Noni berry. You should be able to find pure organic Noni juice at your local health food store.

Don’t Drink Too Much

Despite the diet and health advantages of drinking pure Noni juice, it is important to use this beverage in moderation. Some manufacturers concentrate it and others don’t so follow the dosage instructions on the back of the bottle.


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