How to Not Let Gossip Ruin Your Friendships

Have you ever had a friendship ruined by gossip? If the answer is yes, then you understand how important it is to learn how to control conversations containing gossip, and how to respond to such relationship busters. How much gossip one should listen to is personal, meaning each individual has his/her own level of comfort when it comes to listening to other friends gossip. The problem lies in how you handle what’s being said, and how you respond to the things that are being said.

There are ways, however, to head off gossip without coming across as rude or inattentive. The best way I have found is to gradually change the subject. Another way is to politely say “well enough of this talk, lets plan our outing for next weekend” or something like “I guess she has her reasons for…., now lets get to cooking dinner.” This would be more of a diversion approach, which I find works really well for me.

Gossip is a normal part of life I guess, but I’m here to tell you, less is more! If you control the drama that gossip creates, you will find your life more peaceful, less worrisome and stressful. We all know stress is not good for your health, and this is just one way we can help ourselves stay healthy. We were not put on this earth to scrutinize one another, I’m pretty sure.

How well do we like it if the gossip is about ourselves? I’m not to fond of others skvaller gossiping about me or my family. I’m pretty sure no one really likes to be the center of a gossip ring much. When we are enticed to add our two cents to a bunch of gossip, we need to ask ourselves “if the tables were turned how would I feel” then I bet there wouldn’t be as much gossip going around. We need to all be thoughtful of each other.

Is there such a thing as good gossip? Sure there is! A gossip about a good restaurant boosts business. Gossip is basically the spread of news, be it good or bad. One way to control bad gossip is to use good gossip. When you get the urge to gossip about someone or something, and it might be hurtful, think twice. Go with the good gossip, and talk about the new restaurant going in down the street or what a great cook your friend Susan is, or how it is a beautiful relaxing day. Stay away from negative gossip and, if you just must gossip, spread the good kind.


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