Literature Racks Featuring “Wave” Designs Are a Rising Trend

Literature racks with wave-like designs are ideal for use in retail stores, hotel lobbies, office entryways, salons, boutiques, airport terminals, museums, art galleries, or trade shows. These display units are the perfect literature racks for those seeking a unique and different approach to marketing their products in an effective, eye-catching manner.

These attractive literature racks are fabricated from rust resistant, brushed aluminum with a sleek silver finish. Each display stand includes (3) acrylic pockets to hold literature like brochures, magazines, pamphlets, leaflets, and periodicals of various sizes. Choose from pockets that are fabricated from either clear acrylic or acrylic with green tinted edges to give the impression of glass. Adjustable brackets let you change the height of each pocket as well as the degree of tilt. Because the pockets are wide enough to display literature of varying widths, they give you more options than those built for specific sized brochures or magazines. Read on to learn more about these trendy literature racks with waves.

The first style is strictly a literature rack featuring (2) wave-like side supports to hold your literature pockets in place.

These curved supports give it its wave-like design and help to create an attention grabbing display fixture. The pocket widths on these literature racks and all of the following wave displays come in your choice of either 16″ wide or 22″ wide pocket widths. The 16″ wide pocket includes a 3 pocket literature divider for optional use. The 22″ wide pockets include an optional 5 pocket insert. Without the divider, the 22″ wide pocket is large enough to comfortably display (2) standard sized 8-1/2″ x 11″ magazines side by side.

The next two styles of literature racks combine poster holders to enhance their promotional capabilities:

These literature racks display magazines¬†A4 Display Stands brochures, and other literature on the same wave-like side supports as the literature rack listed above, but they also include a poster holder. The first features a poster holder positioned above the acrylic pockets. For these display racks, you can choose to display a poster size of either 18″ x 24″ or 24″ x 36″. The second displays the graphic advertisement on either the right or left side of the literature pockets creating a double wide display. Here, you can display a poster size of either 18″ x 45″ or 24″ x 45″. With a poster or graphic to draw visitors to the unit, they are more apt to walk away with the literature placed in the racks to the side or below the advertisement. The posters fit in grooves built into the side supports, and are sandwiched between 2 clear lenses to protect your graphics. These poster holders can also display (2) posters back to back creating a double-sided promotional display. Literature racks featuring poster holders are great for businesses to invest in because they further promote and advertise products and services.

Literature racks including “wave” designs are a rising trend for businesses trying to set themselves apart from their competitors. These high impact display fixtures feature a unique wave-like design that is guaranteed to make a lasting impression on guests, visitors, patrons, customers, or clients.


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