The Branding Of The Park And Rec Professional As The Community Service Of Choice

The branding of the park and recreation professional as the community service of choice

Providing the “community experience” that gets talked about is really the key ingredient of a successful service branding solution. By adopting a value proposition that is consistently articulated a service can find and build its own brand awareness. Unlike a physical product the branding of a service provides more complexity than it physical counterpart. Because a physical product provides a tangible product and a service a nontangible product the opportunity for branding is more challenging. A successful service must build a number of things such as an emotional bond, customer loyalty, a sense of community and a rich repeatable experience driven in a public social services environment. Thus the challenge and the opportunity.

Creating a P and R experience that is provided by the professional staff of the agency requires rising awareness, benefits, visibility and consistency. The first step is to develop a lasting and creative tagline…one that is memorable. Some of many that might work include the following:

“Live it. Learn it. Experience it.”

“Live, learn and experience”

“Parks and Recreation. Experience the benefits today”

“One community with many options”

“Parks and Recreation: One resource not to be ignored”

“Parks and Recreation: A critical key component to your quality of life”

“Parks and Recreation: Endless opportunities”

“Parks and Recreation: Many benefits yet unexplored”

“Parks and Recreation: You’re key to unlocking the future”

“The power to learn”

More than any other single factor in making a compelling the success of the P and R professional is the 3rd party testimonial. Just like any hot new product with limited resources for promotion the P and R departments should count on viral marketing to help create and sustain the buzz all the while being specifically targeted and highly relevant. Without buzz the departments will become forgotten entities. A wonderful example of a successful program is the Glendale California Parks and Recreation Community Services. There web presence and traffic indicate that they have established a significant following. In order for that following to sustain itself many different tools are needed to insure long term success. Just like a “product” business the service business of the P and R needs to provide great service, a timely and useful experience and a benefit filled program. A program that has the community talking is a program that will thrive based on the talk of the community.

Few cost effective tools and resources exist that can carry sammhällsblogg and sustain a compelling take action message. But the few that do exist, with proper nurturing, can be as or more powerful than any traditional advertising campaign. Enter the world of the internet and more specially a blog. A unique and well conceived blog can and will provide an online community away from the physical community. It will provide a meeting place that over 70% of the American population has access to daily. It will be the “umbilical cord” that holds the P and R community together without a massive restructuring of key elements already in place.

A well thought out blog, with many features and benefits that traditional websites don’t or can’t offer provides a simple turnkey auto-pilot vehicle to deliver the brand and the message of the brand through the users. User input, typically know as third party endorsements or testimonials, are far more powerful and believable than any canned advertising message. America and its traditional media are finding the going is getting very tough. Those that recognize new opportunities and new frontier’s are on the horizon and will dominate there market niche.


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